Kamaitachi - Karas





I know what drew me to this cotume, its Fing CRAZY!

Its a real prop nightmare, theres so many parts and several problems that I will haft to figure out (like figuring out the position of certain blades as I am not physicaly able to extend my neck least half a meter)and I'm going to haft to learn to solder first as I want the lights in the outfit to really be lights.
I will give it a whole year as its going to be a challenge.

Looking at being done in 2012.


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Progress Journal

30th October 2009

Screen capture and OMGWTFBBQ! How much is this going to cost me?

from a quick poke, I've managed to get over 30 screenshots.
I was specificaly going after one that show his eye close up since I'm going to try and get a contact for it.
Speaking of contacts, looking at the images, yeh, its going to haft to be a cutstom. The design is very odd, I've never seen any contact remotly close to the design.
A cop-out would be getting a pale red iris covering lens.

25th September 2009

I can't believe I'm planning this already

With the way uni is working, I'm keeping saber as my main side project and start my prep for this, and oh boy does it need it;
and since its such a big and extensivly complicated costume i kind of want to write about it a bit.

I went to maplin just to have a look at the prices of basic components; and then I looked up the prices of kits, and its probably going to cost me more to practice the electronics for this than the actual electronics.