Ichigo (Bankai with full Hollow mask) - Bleach




This will be my first cosplay, hope it turns out well :) I'm choosing to cosplay as Ichigo cause Bleach is an awesome series, and I love Ichigo's bankai, as well as his hollow mask.

I'll buy this off Tokyo Toys, there's a really good-looking one for £35 so i'll get that.

Hollow Mask.
I'll make this one on the cheap - no shelling out ~£50 online for me! I'll blow up a balloon, use good ol' paper machier (spelt wrong but ah well), then pop the balloon, cut out eye holes and decorate. I'm sure I can find everything in my house so that'll be free.

As halloween gets close I'll look for a plain body length black robe, and then get some red and white fabric. A little help from my mum and i'll (hopefully) have something that resembles Ichigo's robe.

No wig for me, being ginger finally pays off ^_^ I'll just go crazy with some gel.


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