Kaitou Jeanne - Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne


FuyuCon 2009


KKJ was my first Arina Tanemura anime/manga - and I loved it! I think I watched the anime when I was about 10/11, so that's where it all began!

I have always always always wanted to cosplay Jeanne, I wouldn't call it a dream costume because there wasn't anything technical about it that I couldn't achieve, it's just that I never got round to it and I really did not want to make it when my sewing skills sucked. I am so happy that I have finally cosplayed her! However I know for a fact it's not perfect and there are errors I need to fix, therefore I plan on doing some touch ups on my next rewear when I'm not so pushed for time.

40" Long blonde wig - £33.50
White boots - £8
5-6m White polycotton - £5-6
1.5m Red cotton drill - £6
1.2m Purple polycotton - £3.60
9m Thin red string - £4.50
0.5m Yellow cotton - £3
5m Thick red string - £4.50
5m Red ribbon - £3.10
White gloves - £1-2
Red fimo - £1.95

How it's made:
First thing I made, as always, was the red pleated skirt. I measured my waist, multiplied this figure by three and then pleated it and sewed on the waistband. This is my favourite pleated skirt I've made so far because it's so neat and looks alright! The white flappy bit was sewn on seperately to get the opened up kimono look she has.

The kimono gave me a bit of a headache when making it. Getting the basic shape of it was alright, as was lining the main body (sleeves didn't need lining and would have cost too much). It was fitting the band along the closure that caused many a headaches and because I was working under a tight schedule, it was very very messy. Velcro is sewn on so that I can attach the cross on and off and so I can wash it without damaging the cross.

The purple sashes were double layered and to insert the red strings, I cut out slits, burned it with a lighter so that it wouldn't fray and pretty much just strung it through and sewed additional pieces of string for the knots. I used one and a half widths of fabric to get the length of the purple sashes, I managed to hide the joint by placing the obi over it!

The obi was literally one rectangle of fabric with velcro at the back.
The string were tied on top of the obi, was originally going to sew it on so that it'll always keep its place but when I tried it on I found that I didn't really need to do that. All is well!

The cross is made from two layers of mounting board (cut out with a craft knife), and then craft foam for the raised bit on the edge. Then I used hot glue for the small gems and fimo for the big one in the middle, all painted in acrylic. Velcro is glued onto the back so I can attach it to the kimono.
Bracelet things were made from craft foam and fimo as well with velcro to take them on and off.
Earrings were made from fimo and I used double sided sticky tape to attach them onto my ears lolol. Because I don't have nor do I want my ears pierced!

Gloves were bought.
Boots were bought.
Ribbon was tied onto the boots.

The wig, was one big pain in the butt. I sprayed the bangs and front curls to death to the point they were pretty much rock solid. And then the front curls decided to fall out towards the end of the day. Ahhhh well. Ponytail was a general pain too and was so heavy it gave me a very sore forehead. What annoyed me was that my hair likes to show as well, as in really obviously showing. Must loosen up the ponytail next time.

Overall I actually really like this costume and it's a fun costume to run around in. There are a lot of things I would love to fix but I would gladly where this again *cough especially if there's a Sinbad at a con cough*.

Adamoluna posted on 7 January, 2008 - 20:18
ooh, awesome that someone is finally doing this costume! It needs more love :) thanks for the lovely comment btw <3 xxx

Anonymous posted on 13 May, 2009 - 20:50
I'm looking forward to seeing this x3 And jealous, because I'm not going to Fuyucon ;____; You'll be a great Jeanne~

Littlerascal92 posted on 15 August, 2009 - 15:46
Gah! I didnt notice the process pics in your journal of this costume XD its comming along great! Oh i was wondering, how were u able to get your wig in a high pony like that? (yeah.. im failing with mine)

CrystalNeko posted on 15 August, 2009 - 17:23
Thank you! Really I just tied it up in a ponytail like I would normally. But I taped down some paper on the back of the wig head so that it stretches out the wig more so that it fits my head nicely when I wear it~ I was lucky enough to have a really thick wig so I didn't have to worry too much about it ^_^ Sorry I'm not much help - Angelphie's tutorial might help more than I have! http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/tutorials/wigs/ponytails

Dusttee posted on 26 October, 2009 - 18:39
omg you look awesome >W< wish i could of seen your cosplay in person D:

Freyarule posted on 6 November, 2009 - 10:29
Yaaay! You make an awesome Jeanne :D well done <3

Charles Sauvage posted on 6 November, 2009 - 11:49
I loved this cosplay so much, all the detail is fantastic. Your sleeves rock my socks and I would steal this from you anyday. Kudos Fi <3

Buy/Style wig
Buy fabric
Make Kimono
Make pleated skirt
Make obi
Make purple/red sash
Buy boots/Make bootcovers
Add ribbon
Make cross
Make earrings +other jewellery
Buy gloves
Make cuffs

Total cost: £0.00

20th October 2009

20/10/2009 - 90%

GUESS WHO'S ALMOST FINISHED!? YEAH MAN! I think Thursday evening I will be having one lovely lie in at Fuyucon, because I've been so sleepless lately! (Although the main chunk is college now cosplay, but stillll!) The kimono is finally done, not the most professional kimono in the world. Far from it, it's very very messy but parts of the costume hides the areas where I was too lazy to hem it i.e. the obi hurhurhur |D I also picked out the double layered sleeves and made them one layer so that they draped nicer. The main body is still double layered though. I've finally added the little panel on the main body and man it sucks lolol, it needs to be ironed but I really cannot be bothered anymore x'D I also added the velcro for the cross and to close the kimono itself, because I like having fastenings on all my clothings lolol~ The purple sashes are almost there too! I spent a whlie working on them last night however ran out of red string so I had to buy some more. Bought some string for the obi too : D For the purple sashes they've been extended to be more accurate, yeah I cracked a bit and couldn't handle the inaccuracy xD; One thing I did forget was red ribbon for her boots. Luckily I have the afternoon off (as always) tomorrow so into town once again! (You don't know how much I love having a college close to town centre <3) I think that's all the updates for now! Phew! Time Taken - 3-4hrs Costs - 3m thin red string - 90p 5m thick red string - £4.50 1m purple polycotton - £3

10th October 2009

10/10/2009 - 75% complete

Almost there! I've sewn the white bit onto the red skirt now and I've quickly chucked the costume on to see how it looks. And I'm not wearing my kimono the dead way, I'm quite obviously taking the photo in a mirror so it LOOKS like I'm wearing it the dead way =P Just need to do more work on the kimono and then it's just the little accessories to go! I AM DETERMINED WITH THIS COSTUME GOD DAMNIT! Time Taken: 30mins And my pleats aren't behaving very well once again. This is what I get for just chucking the costume on =P

9th October 2009

09/10/2009 - Obi

No picture today, too tired and lazy!! Lets just say it's a rectangle of fabric sewn and ironed to keep it in place. Made from cotton. ... Yeah that's pretty much it xD; Time Taken - 30mins Cost - 50cm yellow cotton £3

8th October 2009

08/10/2009 - Purple sash

Uuuurgh, if I don't get this done by Fuyu then I will tear my hair off. After a bit of planning it's really not a hard cosplay at all - it's just down right annoying with all the details that need handling! This annoying detail includes the sash. Gunning the fabric through the machine is fun - hand sewing the red knotted details is not so fun. Mainly because hand sewing little details drive me insane lolol. But yes, in the picture you can see I've started one, will do the other half at another date. I also decided to double layer the sash so that it's a heavier weight and so that you don't see the hem, though I did realize that the thread was a bit too light. I really cannot be bothered anymore x'D When I've sewn on all the "knots" I'll hem the holes, it would be silly of me if I left it fraying away :P Must buy more purple fabric for other sash... Time Taken - 30mins-1hr Cost - £0.60 for 20cm purple polycotton £3 for 6m red string thing (roughly, can't remember exact cost p/m!!) Oooh yes, and the sash is shorter than I imagined it would be. This peeves me off greatly! Alas it would peeve me off even more if I sewed on an -obvious- extension!!

3rd September 2009

03/09/2009 - Jewellery complete!

Yaaay, all the little accessories are done : D Now to get the main costume done itself xD;;; Most of the red bits were made from fimo, the earrings were made from fimo too. I had a fimo day today : D The earrings have double sided sticky tape stuck on because I don't have my ears pierced, nor do I ever intend to get them done. Strangely enough they stick on really well. And the earring looks a bit fragile so closer to the con I MAY add some hot glue to reinforce it - all I did was press the fimo to each other firmly and I fear they may break TT_____TT I also gave all things gold a second coating. Just so you can't see foam underneath the first layer~ Time Taken - 1hr Cost: £1.95 (Christ, fimo is expensive now...) I has obi material too, may get to work on it if I can be bothered tonight xD

1st September 2009

01/09/2009 - More fabric~

Woohoo! Just bought more fabric off eBay~ (While it's cheaper over at Fabric Land the shipping cost overall, even with group order, would still be more expensive than eBay) 4m of white polycotton will be coming my way within the next few days. I can finally make progress again 8D Cost - 4m polycotton £7.50

15th August 2009

15/08/2009 - Cuffs 70%

Apologies for another journal - I didn't think I was going to do any more on Jeanne tonight but apparently I had the urge to play with more craft foam - and play with more craft foam I did x] Measured my arm, cut out a rectangle, cut out more rectangles for the raised bit, hot glued it on, hot glued velcro on... ... ... That's it 8D This will be smothered in PVA and acrylic/spray paint later. Need to find time to fire up the oven for fimo but there's still 2 months till Fuyu! I'm in no rush for fimo making just yet ^^; Time Taken - 30mins My thumb has gone numb from hot glue burns |D

15th August 2009

15/08/2009 - Cross 70%

I still lack white polycotton, so I worked on the accessories instead~ The cross was the easiest accessory to work on therefore it shall be the first to start lol! [Although is has caused me great pain - I sliced my palm open, received good ol' hot glue burns and GOT FREAKIN' ACRYLIC ON MY CAMERA *mourns* I'm sorry camera ;_;... Yes the camera is what I care about the most! XD] The base was made with two layers of mounting board glued together then the raised edges was stuck on craft foam. The detailing was done in hot glue. I also sealed off the edges with hot glue [but that failed miserably orz] All I have left to do is MAYBE coat it another layer of acrylic, paint the little blobs red and then stick on the red gem in the middle. And then fix velcro on the back so that it can be taken off easily~ Time Taken - 1hr of faffing about xD [I know the top blob is missing - I ripped it off because it was a bumpy blob. I decided to leave it because I can always add on the blob at a later date - I'd still be painting it red anyway!]

4th August 2009

04/08/2009 - Epiphany

Nurrrr, watashi wa baka desu. It took me this long to think of a way to make her impossibly shaped kimono top!? I'm writing this here because I KNOW I will forget otherwise. Cut the kimono in half and sew the floaty bit under the obi onto the red skirt so that it looks like it's opened up even though above the obi it's clearly closed. Baka baka baka baka. This has solved many stress-related experimenting and I'm sure other Jeanne cosplayers have done this - all that time trying to figure out how other Jeanne cosplayers solved this problem D= Anyway - won't be able to work on Jeanne for about a month due to lack of polycotton still. Awaiting group order from Fabric Land! But by the time the fabric comes I would have forgotten |D On other news - my dad has some strong double sided tape which I could use for Jeanne's earrings, yaaay xD *refuses to get ears pierced just for a bloody costume* I've also bought some mounting board and craft foam so I'll start that cross... sometime.

7th July 2009

07/07/2009 - Kimono 45%

This costume has reminded me of why I hate patterns... THEY'RE USELESS >8O Well actually they're not, however I'm too stupid to understand them so I prefer calling them useless instead 8D When I did cut out the shapes it gave me a very very funny looking kimono, so I altered it by myself till it was right for me. So here's the base done. Because it's made out of polycotton I'm going to have to line it, reason why I didn't use a thicker fabric is because I want the floaty feeling polycotton has. Even if I double layer it it still gives me a nice floaty feeling as proven from my Tsubasa Sakura cosplay ^_^ Time Taken - 2hrs Cost - 4m white polycotton £4 [THANK YOU FABRIC LAND <3] P.S. Yes I know I need to shorten it. Leaving it long for now in case I do something stupid! I always shorten things right at the end~

6th July 2009

06/07/2009 - Skirt made

Wow, it's been 4 months since I last did anything on Jeanne. I'M SORRY JEANNE FOR NEGLECTING YOU TT______TT Made from cotton drill. This is the third pleated skirt I've ever made, I have to say I'm getting sick of making so many now! Alas the girls I like just so happen to also like pleated skirts so I'm stuck making them for now. I was originally going to start on Meroko first seeing as it's easier and quicker however the red zip I had was too long for Me-chan! So I started Jeanne instead ^_^ Was made by measuring my waist, multiplying this figure by three and then adding a couple of inches for seam allowance. I then folded the pleats in, they appeared to be box pleats so I gave them box pleats [when will I get the chance to play with knife pleats!?]. I then sewed on the waist band [which gave me much difficulty, no idea why because I've never had difficulty before!] and then I ironed the pleats like mad. I have to say this is my favourite pleated skirt I've made so far <3 It's actually the correct length for once and I didn't cut it too short for once, YAAAAY 8D Although when I'm not actually wearing it it looks extremely short, that's because I have short legs though. It's decent on me >_> Time Taken - 2hrs roughly, wasn't keeping track Cost - Approx £6 I do actually have white fabric, but for now I need a break so I MIGHT work on the kimono if I can be bothered later this evening~

24th February 2009

24/02/09 - Wig styled + boots

Yaaay! Wig is styled! I WAS going to buy a new one and sell this one because the colour is too pale, but then I saw other cosplayers use a paler wig and thought it looked alright so I decided to go for it! ^_^ Styling this beast of a wig took more effort than I thought, it was time consuming at least!! The good thing is that it was a pleasure to work with despite being so long, it didn't tangle much at all! Glad the price was worth it! :D I need to sew/glue in some wefts in some areas so I'll do that when I decide to tackle this wig again, I also need to spray her bangs more because it's only a thin layer of hairspray - NEEDS MOAR! Time Taken - 45mins Cost - £33.50 I THINK [MONEY EATER >O] P.S. Parts of the photos are blurred out because my room is an ugly mess 8D;; More of a mess than usual because I recently had a load of packages arriving for me and dumped them in my teeny tiny room... My room needs a tidy up sometime soon xD;] EDIT: Forgot to mention that I have boots as well... I WON THE BID! IN YOUR FACE OTHER BIDDERS! >D Cost - £8

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