Miyako (School Uniform) - Hidamari Sketch


FuyuCon 2009


My friend and I wanted to do Hidamari Sketch cosplays. It's a great slice of life show and as somebody who enjoys drawing I quite liked it. I decided to be Miyako because most of the costumes I've done up until now have been fairly serious characters and I wanted the chance to behave like an utter spacktard and still be in character for photos. Miyako fits the bill! XD

Constructed with red cottony twilly stuff, the left side of the front panel is sewn and the right side attaches with velcro, and the straps are again velcroed. I would've used poppers if I had more time and when I remake them for Auchinawa I will probably put poppers in as the velcro wasn't very steadfast.

We also made half a canvas each to carry around the con and combine together for photos. Made the mistake of putting the blue lines on first and they kept showing through the layers of paint! The only way of hiding them was to spread the paint on thickly with my fingers instead of using a paintbrush. Fingerpainting, woo!

Also, I should never be allowed use of a paintbrush at a con. Poor Sian had her nose dabbed half a dozen times XD

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