Grey Fox (First metal gear solid, not the Raiden Variant) - Metal Gear Solid, Game and Comic





I chose to do this character as I feel he is one of the most unappreciated character in the Metal Gear Solid series and I hope by cosplaying this character people will appreciate him more and show off how cool this character really is, as well I hope it will show off my skill and technical ability in making costumes and props.

The easiest part is also the hardest in some respects. Making the helmet will be hard but once built giving me the ability to see and hear will be easy. The helmet will be made out of fibreglass of high impact polyester (The hard part). The helmet has no eye holes or visors to enable me to see through, as the character see through a camera in the centre of the helmet. To stay true to the character I will place a micro camera with microphone attached (as hearing will be impaired due to padding and the enclosed nature of the helmet) which will be hooked up to a pair of screen glasses (with inbuilt ear phone) which I will wear inside the helmet (electronics – the easy bit), giving me the ability to see and hear a substantial amount compared to not using this method. The character has a glowing red ring around the camera which I will replicate with a ring of red LED’s which should not interfere with the camera but will be recessed behind the lens for added ease of sight. A fan may be necessary inside the helmet depending on the fit and the material(s) the costume is made out of. All of the above can be powered with batteries from small battery packs.

I am still undecided on the material to use for the suit (and suggestions would be appreciated) so far leather is the main contender as to get the colours and to add the details like the indents will be easy to produce on leather, but it will cause me to generate a lot of heat which could be a problem for extended periods of time. I feel it may have to be one piece based around bike leathers, or extend the jacket down to the very top of the legs and create hipster like trousers, although one piece might be easier to produce to make practical and more mobile two pieces might prevail. The shoes will be biker boots customised with the same material I use for the body piece. The gloves will cycle gloves as they are cheap, have a lot of grip and easy to customise.

The sword will be wooden or plastic covered in dull silver leaf or foil to give a realistic metal effect, I would like to avoid painting as the texture of the material below could be easily seen. If possible I would like to put white LED’s down the trailing edge of the sword so when swung, like in the game and comics its leave trails, this is a luxury which will come down to budget and time but I feel will if the sword is done to a high standard along with the costume I will hopefully look impressive.

The first stages of the helmet are complete using video glasses with a camera feed attached does work and I can walk around quite happily for anywhere between 4-6 hours depending on how which camera I use. I have found this is rather disorentating after time as you have no sense of depth through the screen so can make obsticles such as stairs rather difficult to navigate without leaning on the hand rail as guidance, I have also noticed I have no periferal vision so I would not see small children, tables, chairs etc unless I have seen the from a distance away and due to the shape of the helmet it will also be rather hard to move my head without stabbing myself in the chest with the point at the botton of the helmet.

Ok so I've been walking round the house with my basic headset on to try and get used to it...not going well. I am really struggling with depth perception much more then I thought. Picking up and object is so hard but I am getting there! I am also aware of how bulky the set up is and I will need to slim it down to make it fit in the helmet.

Thanks for reading, any comments/advice welcome and I hope to pose with you soon!


Odd-One-Out posted on 7 April, 2008 - 13:51
The mask sounds impressive with the technology implanted. Good luck!

ryaoki posted on 7 April, 2008 - 16:08
legendary man

Relion posted on 6 March, 2010 - 22:47
HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS. u r orse lololol. also stop it i've wanted to cosplay Meryl ever since i was yay high. i might do once you've done this 8D