Generic Viking Warrior (Aging) - Various films and books


Very long haired grey wig, down to the elbows in fact, too long and I am considering cropping it to shoulder length. Red tunic trimmed with yellow and blue tablet woven braid, Blue breeches, Blue cloak with wolfskin collar, in the photos yellow wool lined brown, trimmed with tablet woven braid. Natural leather shoes, baldrick and sword scabbard. Blued steel sword with a little brass inlay on the hilt, bronze chape to the scabbard.Silver Thors hammer on silver chain, silver bracelets.
The wig was bought in Leeds Market,and was first worn at the Jorvic Viking festival in York about 4 years ago, it is supposed to be ash blonde but looks grey on me, probably 'cause of my whiskers being nearly the same colour, does this make sense?
The wool tunic I made years ago and has been remodeled to a better fit at least once. If you are replicating a wool garment only real wool works, there is alas no synthetic that is convincing. The tablet woven trim was woven for me by Thoskegga Thorne (her real name) in a chevron pattern, and when the old tunic dies of moth and beer stains,will be carefully recovered and used on another garment.
The breeches are blue linen, and made to the Thorsburg pattern,( which I sell) an original pair found in a bog in what was then Denmark, now Germany.The originals I have seen in Schlezwig museum, Schloss Gotsdorf, along with a load of original Migration Period stuff, swords shields jewelry, a real dragons hoard.If you can, go see the stuff here and at the National Museum Copenhagen,or get their catalogues, or go online, the stuff is unbelievable and Beowulf suddenly comes alive.
The cloak is blue wool, lined with a specialy woven 8 shed diamond twill in blue and white, this latter was made by a firm in West Yorks as part of a larger order, and I hung on to some of it for myself. The collar is grey wolf, and matches the wig, not planned, but cool all the same.
Shoes were made by Kevin Garlic, he does good made to order costume boots and shoes at realistic prices.
The sword blade I traded from a fellow reenactor years ago, I forged the hilt pieces at night school. The scabbard and baldric I made and the chape is a cast bronze, Jelling style, copy of an original, bought off a Polish trader at one of the Jorvic events.
The Thors hammer I bought from Kail Runesmith (this is the name you will find him under) the chain at a viking event, one bracelet at an ethnic gift shop in the Metro Newcastle, and the other at a jewelers in Odense, Denmark, who specialised in authentic archeological repro's,If there name,address turns up in my paperwork I'll post it. If anyone wants sources or addresses contact me I'm generaly happy to share.
If I had to put this stuff together in one go, it couldn't be done. It would cost to much, and I would not be able to find the stuff in any sane time frame. the trick is to keep an eye open all the time for research material, bargain price items, and hard to find stuff. Stash it away and pull it out when planning a new outfit. Some of the stuff I have I could never afford for money, I got them in trades for items I made, or traded earlier.
This kit was put together primarily for open air reenactments, but that means it is all the more convincing indoors at close range. The reaction I get to my stuff from cosplayers is encouraging and posetive and is a line I shall continue to follow .
In the photos I am not wearing the wig, these were taken at and by the school I was doing a talk on Vikings at. Mail shirts and long hair do not mix well, be warned or take scissors with you, I mean it. By the way mail shirts make everyone look pot bellied, honest. This shirt is all steel, riveted links, bought from World Wide Arms during a brief period when they were selling them. It weighs 10 kilos and cost £300. Worth it because mail is one of the longest used, widest geographical spread in use of any armour, Roman till 20th Cent. USA to China, I get a lot of use out of it.

dukeedrick posted on 7 March, 2010 - 21:31
hey hey! Someone else who does historic stuff! Awesome. We need more pics!

Sephirayne posted on 31 March, 2010 - 20:09
Woot! Another Viking Reenacter. I used to do it back in the early 90's. I would love to see pics of your outfit. I'm sure its great.

Taldur posted on 7 July, 2011 - 13:57
SWEET ^^ I do Viking re-enactment as well, great kit :D

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