Joshua the Pirate (early 18th cent. carribean) - Various films and historic research


Thought Bubble 2009

Silver award Thoughtbubble comics con. Leeds 2009




Brief note, worn at Thoughtbubble 2009 where it won second prize,and worn for a lot of pirate events,and reenactments.
Black tricorne hat red print bandana, grey wool 18th cent. style frock coat, baggy red breeches with green trim and wooden buttons down the side. White frilled shirt, red and gold sash. Natural leather bucket top boots, red leather baldrick, steel basket hilted broadsword in natural leather scabbard, n.b. made as a safe to stunt fight weapon by "armourclass",Flintlock pistol.Various and varied accessories, snuff box,clay pipe, etc.
The bulk of this costume was put together for a Malburian event at Bosworth Battlefield cente a few years ago, the frock coat is heavy grey wool, lined blue the pattern taken from "the cut of mens clothes 1600-1900" by Norah Waugh.The current lining is wool, and is way too heavy for comfort, so I am remodeling this with either no lining or a lighter weight one. Generaly I make all my own cloth gear, and have done for years, and most none footwear leatherwork, such as sword belts,leather garments,purses and such.
The sash is made fom a sari, a good source of cheap fancy silks for any costume.
the breeches were made earlier for 17th cent scenarios, but are OK for period, and role .
The hat was steamed and shaped from a broad brimmed felt given me as a sample by a trader in Afflecs Palace Manchester.
The boots are one of the most expensive pieces of kit I own, hand made by Sarah Juniper, and the cash value represents what was the price some years ago, in fact I got them in the end as a complicated part swop deal.

As I've said else where I have been a cosplayer of sorts for some years,I will be interesting to see the reaction it gets in November. Thanks to the Otaku Trio for their thread about Pirates verses Ninja,for giving me the idea of taking this one to Thoughtbubble, I was puzzling over what to wear to this and their thread on forum was an inspiration.


Fishyfins posted on 17 April, 2010 - 11:33
heeeeey, i remember talking to you at Thought Bubble! nice costume, was nice to see something different there amongst your usual anime and comic stuff.

RanmaSyaoran posted on 1 May, 2010 - 16:44
I remember you! This was fantastic, brilliant use of the cloth and fantastic tailoring.

CyanideCustard posted on 2 February, 2012 - 23:53
great stuff you got here and there and everywhere.