Minato Namikaze (Yondaime Hokage) - Naruto





Still riding on my “Naruto” high from the previous Re:Con but a few months earlier, I decided that I wanted to do /another/ “Naruto” Cosplay- but who? I couldn’t /repeat/ Naruto, that would just be cheap and lazy... and I was a lot more creative than that. But who else did I like from “Naruto”? No-one, really... Until I learnt about the incredible character known as the Yondaime Hokage once I read the “Kakashi Gaiden” series!

Naturally, I fell in love with him straight away and- despite having height issues- decided I really, really wanted to Cosplay him. I had less time to prepare myself for this Re:Con, but that didn’t worry me all too much- I had most of the stuff I would need from my previous Cosplay anyway, so it wasn’t like I had to spend millions on the accessories. So Minato it would be!

Generally, it went really easy. I decided my school PE jogging bottoms would do fine, and finding a long-sleeved black shirt was no problem- I just needed to sew on red patches. The Chuunin jacket I could borrow from Kim, as she wasn’t doing Iruka that year. But all-too-soon I was running out of time- my money was all being spent on fast-approaching Christmas! Oh no! What could I do? I didn’t have much money, I wasn’t going to Dad’s before Re:Con, and I wouldn’t look like Minato without his Hokage coat! I was panicky... but I decided to take a risk... AND DO IT MYSELF.

So, after a lot of hassle I /eventually/ found a lab coat suitable, and tried to paint on the symbols/fire with fabric paint... BIG MISTAKE. The fabric paint bled straight through and made this horribly mess. I was distraught- only a week until the convention and I didn’t have the VITAL part of the costume. Eventually, I took the matter into my own hands and put my new-found hand sewing skills to the test. I covered the red “bleed” with white felt, then (using paper patterns) cut out the flames and the symbols and sewed them straight on. To my utter surprise: it looked really great! I made a collar with felt and cardboard, and was ready to cry with relief when it was all ready but a day or two before Re:Con. What a relief!

Hardest Part: Definitely the Hokage coat itself! Hot damn I spent a lot of frustrated hours and late nights on that thing! First the bleeding through with the paint, then the difficulty of cutting out the shapes, then the stabbing myself 1,000+ times with a needle... all very hard-but-rewarding work!

Easiest Part: I already had most of the stuff from when I did Naruto- pouches, weapons, headband, sandals, and so on! No worries!

What I Learnt: Cosplay is STILL expensive. Don’t buy unless you really know what you’re getting! And NEVER (and I mean NEVER) trust fabric paint! EVER! EVER EVER EVER. It’s FAIL.

Proud Moments?: Being tipped off of the edge of a balcony while in this costume led me to meeting my Naruto- who is now a part of our Cosplay group as my beloved son! Being pounced to the floor in “Everyone Kick Minato!” and being “reunited” with my darling Kakashi-chan!


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concentricalX posted on 14 September, 2009 - 21:33
LOVE THIS COSPLAY, DAD. <3 IT BROUGHT US TOGETHER. And many passionate nights followed. >D