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I'm a Disgaea fanboy, so when a friend (Nia) suggested Disgaea cosplay for Minami 2010 it wasn't too much of a hard sell, neither was the character! As it happened, I got carried away and started the cosplay much earlier than I needed to, it was almost finished in time for AX earlier in summer, a rare feat for me!

The coat tails and collar are held in using thick interfacing, reinforced with wire sewn in to the edges, making them posable. The coat itself is made of a thin fabric backed PVC. I was worried about using PVC, but my sewing machine demonstrated its love for me once again, sewing it to everything without a care in the world! The studs were self cover buttons, hot glued to the underside of the the PVC and B&Q Provided some plastic chain so my arms diddn't fall off an hour into the day; unfortunatly said chain also prevented me from leaving the cosplay, I've never chained myself into a costume before this! The trousers are Primarks finest grey jeans, now in glorious technicolour thanks to the wonders of Dylon.

The guitar is constructed mainly from Foamboard and Funky Foam: 3 sheets of foamboard glued together provide the main body, with modeling clay used to soften the edges and disguise the joins. I'm not the worlds best propmaker, so I'm fairly pleased with how it turned out, though I have some plans to improve it for a rewear. A superstar performance by Funky Foam also provided the eyebrows, and may provide another enchancement or two before the next rewear. =-p

In the irony department, it seems I'm not down to do Midboss for Minami, so the Dark Hero may not see the group shoot he was planned for, unless some other poor sap ends up in it!

Any more photos you may have are welcome.

MangaChild posted on 15 September, 2009 - 10:53

yami-no-neko posted on 25 September, 2009 - 14:01
Awesome. Axel is one of the best disgaea characters. I remebering seeing you at con but i didn't have my camera at the time. great work XD

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