Naruto Uzumaki (Pre-Timeskip) - Naruto





My first ever Cosplay!

I was really into "Naruto" when I discovered Re:Con, so naturally I wanted to Cosplay its main character... the hyperactive, number one knuckleheaded Ninja himself: Naruto Uzumaki! I'm crazy, determined, excitable, loyal, true to my friends, and a little bit of an outcast, just like the Kyuubi host himself. My group all chose characters from this Animé, too, so I decided what better way to debut us at our first "Convention" than characters all from the same Animé??

So I started gathering together my costume... most of the stuff came from eBay (me and eBay developed a close, personal relationship during the making of this costume) such as the headband, purse, pouches, weapons, and shoes. Odd little bits here and there were bought in local stores- like my "necklace of death", purchased cheaply at "Woolworths" before it closed down.

The jacket itself had an interesting story. It started off as a cream-coloured thing from MK.1 or something... and then got into the hands of my beloved Daddy. With help from some orange dye, my knowledge of “Naruto”, a hundred reference pictures, materials galore, fake fur, a glow stick, and a trusty sewing machine, me and my Dad had this thing DONE in about a day or two! I was so incredibly proud when we'd finished- it looked so wonderful! Thank-you, Daaaad.

Hardest Part: Either the jacket itself... or learning to walk in those damn sandals. There’s a joke in my group concerning them- it usually begins “Ninja shoes are NOT good for...” and is usually followed by something TERRIBLY EASY in normal shoes, like “... beaches”, “... climbing”, or just plain “... walking”.

Easiest Part: Buying all of the stuff off of eBay. Once you know what you’re looking for, you’re sorted. eBay is a great place for all of those Cosplay items you want and love!

What I Learnt: Cosplay is EXPENSIVE! I spent so much on all of the gear by the end of it! Also, making Cosplays yourself (or getting your beloved parents to do it for you) is so much more rewarding than buying all of the pre-made costumes~

Proud Moments?: Arriving at Re:Con to find I was the ONLY Naruto, which is a terribly rare thing. Also, going to East Park with everyone as Naruto was a blast- because it’s a really good backdrop for Ninja-ing, and we got some awesome shots. This was my first Cosplay, so it’ll always have a special place here in my heart!


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Chikinpoo posted on 22 June, 2010 - 19:12
You make an adorable Naruto ^_^ Good job!!