Temari (Rescue Sasuke Arc) - Naruto



Well I originally bought the costume off of cosplaymagic.com and this was at the time when the rescue Sasuke arc version they had was based on a fan-art or something so the top and skirt were the same blue, the white corset part was a blue satin apron thing and the red sash was pink. Was not good XD

So I enlisted the help of my mother and aunt who happenned to be staying, we remade the top with lilac veleur because I had not experience and was obsessed with the soft and the shiny. Got a grey strappy top from M and S, took the straps off and replaced it with red string. Then remade the sash in red satin.

The fan was original a wall fan with a simple design on it, so I sprayed over it in white then painted on the purple. I wanted to make it full size but given the fact that I had to transport it across the Atlantic I settled for 28 inches...at least mine at actually flared out without looking like it was gunna fall apart. XD Let's not get into any my fan is bigger than your fan arguments kay? Lol

Ninja boots were bought and the fishnets were just a pair of footless fishnet tights cut up XD

Admitedly the costume moved around a lot, wasn't particularly comfortable to wear and when I look at it now I think I could do it a thousand times better. Might do a yukata version of Time-Skip Temari in the future...shame to waste the fan...which is my favourite part of the costume XD

As for the hair...I didn't know about wigs....nada zip...so just put my own hair up and looked silly XD

Was a laugh though and I'm glad I did it. ^^

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