Yuki Nagato (Space Witch Version ) - The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya





I only ever cosplayed Yuki Nagato at Tokonatuse 07

I liked the sires and loved the dance and wanted to learn it then when I came across a video of it being dun in Japan I had to try and get a group together witch failed but this was a year before it took off over hear now kinda sick of it but its all in good fun

So I thought who do I relate to most and it was Yuki I didn’t have time that year to really make the cosplay so I ordered the school uniform from e bay and made the hat and cloak I really struggled to do the hat in the end it was to small had to pin it to my head thought my wig with 3” pins

But as a result of this I learned how to do that dance so I can always join in and that I can’t pull off sailor uniforms ^^


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