Shikamaru Nara - Naruto Shippuuden


AmeCon 2007




Ware this first at Toko 07 not my favarit cosplay I've dun proberly why I can't find any photos of it it was pritty much all sorced and I had the jaket thing made for me but its up hear becouse I want to get all my cosplays listed

Didn't enjoy this one did it at the time when naruto was getting realy unpoulor and at Ame that year there was a much better vershion of him so no one noticed me

I orginaly desised to do it becouse I could get my hair exsactly like his think that was the only part I got right still you learn from your mistakes


soph24 posted on 1 May, 2010 - 06:48
Omg I didnt know you liked Naruto XD Cosplaying Shikamaru is pretty cool too ;) Really good to see *thumbs up* :)