Ako (School Uniform) - Project Ako





I ware Ako at Tokonatsu 05

Ako is my second cosplay and I broght this one its very very bad I hate it but thoght I'd let you all see it for lols

I did make a few things on it basicaly I broght a japanese school girl uniform and made the acseorys lijke the arm bands the socks added a wig shues ect but yeah bad cospay was bad but I loved waring it

Why Ako well Project Ako is the anime that made me fall inlove with anime as a kid rember hiring it out from the vidio shop on VHS been obessed with anime ever since it to this day remains my apsaulut farait anime ever I also wanted a exscuse to see what it was like to dress as a girl kinda been crossplaying ever since ^^


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