Saotome Ranma (Girl Type) - Ranma 1/2





Can't list the Event again..... Ware it at Tokonatuse 05 my very first convention

This was my very first cosplay and at the time Ranma was my favourite charter ever now I like to many to pick

Why did I pick Ranma well what’s not to love a guy who turns into a girl and knows martial arts he’s like my idol haha and I loved that jacket I really wanted it

I've actually made this exact cosplay twice ware it to much I ware it out so made a new one then fixed the old so I now have to

Its very commutable to ware very simple its totally hand made and the very first thing I ever tried to make so I'm happy it still looks good

To make the female vershion I just added a wig and a chest, the femal chest was the hardest part to make for this cosplay and unlocking the teqniqus for this has alawed me to cosplay countless femail charcters

At first I used some fome brest forms there wee horible but were better then roled up socks eventualy I discuvered sialacan brest forms wish were pereft so much fun running round in crossplay


White Tigress posted on 10 September, 2009 - 15:33
Nice. I done female Ranma for my first cosplay a year back :) Its always really nice to see Ranma cosplayers :D

FoxyChan posted on 11 September, 2009 - 15:10
I know for some reson I can rember ever ranma cosplay I've seen don't get many male vershions tho