Ranma Saotome (Boy Type) - Ranma 1/2

Worn AtNone




Can't list the Event again..... Ware it at Tokonatuse 05 my very first convention

This was my very first cosplay and at the time Ranma was my favourite charter ever now I like to many to pick

Why did I pick Ranma well what’s not to love a guy who turns into a girl and knows martial arts he’s like my idol haha and I loved that jacket I really wanted it

I've actually made this exact cosplay twice ware it to much I ware it out so made a new one then fixed the old so I now have to

Its very commutable to ware very simple its totally hand made and the very first thing I ever tried to make so I'm happy it still looks good
The hardest part was the ties at the front witch I ended up having to weave my own threads and make ties from them.

I've been updating this one for amecon even tho I've warn this to over 20 events I still love the charcter so much could send a full con just as this one charcter


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