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Auchinawa 2008




For the first day of Amecon, I wanted to do something simple yet recognizable. Given my similarity with Masaru, I instantly chose him and got straight to work. He quickly became one of the cosplays I worried about (would he be unique enough?) but those doubts were extinguished pretty soon when other Digimon cosplayers posted on the forums.

[EDIT - 7th September] Well, I've pulled this one out for Auchinawa since I couldn't afford to do another of my cosplays. This should be fun!

[EDIT - 27th June] My money ran out and I can't afford to go to Amecon, so this'll have to wait until next year =/

[EDIT - 25th March] Got the Digivice in the mail! Now, all I need to do is get a camera and get some photos.

[EDIT - 16th March] Finished! Just need to get my Camera ready and I'm all done! Might get a Digivice as an optional extra, but it's not really hard to pick one up. I'll get photos ASAP.


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