Kadaj - Final Fantasy VII Advent Children




OOf... First costume awfulness =[
I cut my hair a little, sprayed it silver-grey. I made the leg ties by cutting the buckle off old belts, and creating new, shorter ones. The flare things are attached(taped with really strong double side tape, then hand sewn on) to the bottom of a mid-length leather coat I already had, so I don't need to go cutting and sewing my coat up. I ignored the weird chest/stomach patterns, for sanity and my bank balance, and my n00bishness at this point. I made the pads out of leatherette stuff from a material shop, but I'd already worked these out using cheaper material. I using old belts as the straps and slid the pads onto them using loops. There's also a loop on one of the belts to hand the katana off. Speaking of which, I was originally going to use my friends souba, but I changed my mind because of the guidlines on weapons. So I bought a wooden training katana(bokken?), dyed the wrap blue, sprayed the handle silver and tied ribbons on.


Sephirayne posted on 13 July, 2009 - 20:06
Great Kadaj. I love that you used your own hair for it.