The count of Monte Christo (Victorian scifi nobleman) - Gankutsuou





This is my next project and i hope to get it done by the next Japan Expo (2010) in Paris. This one is -unlike Takeda Shingen- transportable by Eurostar/tube, but i doubt it would get recognized in the UK... T_T


Demented Kid posted on 22 December, 2009 - 04:51
*Gleeeeeeeeeees* OMG I loooove you~ I seriously cant wait to see this! I love the Count @_____@

Felixize posted on 22 December, 2009 - 15:45
Gankutsuou cosplayyyyy~ That's incredible, good luck with it! I also can't wait for the end result~!

RedCathedral posted on 23 December, 2009 - 18:37
Thank you both so much ^__^ I didn't know Gankutsuou had fans in the UK... (During the october MCM i had asked 2 vendors for the manga and neither had ever heard of The Count of Monte Christo >.< )