Red Minotaur / Takeda Shingen / The Tiger of Kai (Ingame anime version) - Devil Kings / Sengoku Basara





When 2 friends convinced me to give the Red Minotaur a try... none of us knew the anime/manga was comming... i accepted since i adored this red furball XD
I've been working on this project for little over a year & it was non-stop trial&error on all parts of axe/horns/armor... this was my very 1st real cosplay project.. and i have actually learned a lot from it.
In the end, in order to get him ready for Japan Expo (Paris), i got help for the cutting & sewing of the fabrics/fur from Lisu-chan, Dharc & Siwan.
Admitedly this was not a cosplay to be worn when it's 32°C... in the shade... still: all my love to Takeda Shingen!

Evolution pix:


MikeJenks posted on 13 September, 2009 - 22:49 LEGEND! 8D