Kawachi Kyousuke (South Branch uniform [with hair!]) - Yakitate!! Japan


Auchinawa 2008

Most Delicious Props award? We won something, but I'm not sure what!




It's still not COMPLETELY finished... Since the trimming around the sleeves needs to be done and we last minute covered and glued the buttons on, so they're a bit dodgy.

The wig was a permed nightmare, let me just say that now. I had to pour 3 kettle fulls of scalding water over it (warm/hot water did NOTHING)) to get it in that state... And there's, like, a bald patch on the top where I've styled it and the wefts are so thin. DON'T BUY WIGS FROM COSWORX. Or at least don't buy Teri; it's rubbiiiish. Eugh.


Exelia posted on 28 December, 2007 - 00:56
Ass clown!

Ino posted on 27 April, 2008 - 15:10
Oooh, I was Kawachi last year (albeit a chibi one ...). He's so much fun!

Exelia posted on 18 August, 2008 - 12:09
Socks n' sandals~ socks n' sandals~

nert posted on 18 November, 2008 - 01:10
That is one awesomesauce group. Wish I could've seen it in person T_T