Willy Wonka (Tim Burton version) - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory



As a Johnny Depp and Tim Burton fan, I was excited to hear about their upcoming version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (not least because the Oompa Loompas and Willy Wonka promised to be much less terrifying than the film with Gene Wilder). When the first promo pictures came out, I fell in love with Wonka's coat and decided to go for it.

I will state right now that I took the easy route and bought the Hot Topic version of the coat. Velvet's not the easiest fabric to work with, and I'm afraid I didn't care enough about the costume to spend hour upon hour topstitching all the pinstripes on. It's a horribly textured velveteen, but it looks the part.

I made the waistcoat, and to conserve fabric as I was a poor, poor uni student at the time, simply sewed the "shirt" sleeves and collar directly to the waistcoat instead of making an entire shirt. It also made it a little cooler to wear.

The top hat is inherited from my father, the hat bands made and painted by me. The "stopwatch" is a weird pendant necklace from a charity shop on two chains. The gloves are nitrile gloves helpfully liberated by my microbiologist boyfriend! Boots are just an old pair painted with some fabric paint, the brooch is fimo on a brooch pin (and there is a desk in York that will forever bear a curly W etched into it from when I was shaping it), and the candy cane was made by a friend - the "candy" is plastic beads.

Since it's mostly covered by the hat, and the whole film has a plasticised, airbrushed look to it, (and yes, I was poor) I used a cheap wig and cut it into that delightful style!

Littlegeeky posted on 31 January, 2008 - 20:54
Awesome cosplay! I was just watching this film the other night, it's great. You make a great Willie Wonka!

princesircastic posted on 25 August, 2010 - 06:18
I've mentioned this before, but are seriously godly. This is epic! I haven't seen anyone cosplay Burton's Wonka before, and you certainly pull off the look perfectly. Nice job! =D

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