Komugi Nakahara (Magical Nurse) - Nurse Witch Komugi




Worn to AyaCon 2009! (..mainly as Halko Momoi was a guest!)

Another early costume made by myself. It still shows but I love this costume to bits! The whole costume was difficult to do but is one of my favourites. I wore it to meet Halko Momoi and she seemed surprised and overjoyed even though I looked terrible, which made it all worthwhile :]

The socks were a labour of love and my legs were sore for weeks as they were sewn when on, but I love them haha! The wig was also my first attempt at a dye job, which worked a little but not as much as I hoped for, but it was a good experiment at least!

I also made Mugimaru, my first plush project, who is lovingly signed by Momoi-chan <3

Komugi is currently being remade, and is listed here as Version Two!


MoonLily posted on 1 July, 2009 - 12:32
Daaaaaw! I love this outfit! Cant wait to see it at aya. ^_^

GunstarVixen posted on 6 July, 2009 - 17:14
looking great so far! Can't wait to see this at aya! :)

nanahara posted on 7 July, 2009 - 05:14
I can see you looking very cute in this cosplay

LittlePidgey4 posted on 8 July, 2009 - 14:14
Wow! It's looking fabulous so far!

Roze-Chan posted on 9 July, 2009 - 23:09
This is adorable, I love the shoes and socks! ^-^

SakuraKatieChan posted on 10 July, 2009 - 12:32
Your Mugimaru looks great. ^_^

Yuka posted on 14 July, 2009 - 01:59
Oh jesus I can't believe how adorable this looks so far O_O I can't wait to see it complete at Aya!

KamikazePenguin posted on 23 July, 2009 - 01:45
I keep seeing this in HMV and think how utterly cute it is! Looks fab so far, the socks and shoes look adorable!! :D

Fez posted on 9 August, 2009 - 11:54
I can't believe I haven't got you friended on here! (After... what... seven years or something? D: ) I'm totally kidnapping you at Aya. And your freakin' cute props. <<3

JakeX posted on 17 August, 2009 - 19:53
i remember seeing this at aya!!! and i kept thinking "AWWWWWWWWHZ!!!"

Alielle posted on 17 August, 2009 - 20:48
This cosplay was so cute. Love the mugi-mugi panties ;3

gaming_goddess posted on 8 March, 2011 - 07:57
You make such a cute komugi! And you have a mugimaru!!! Epic!

Jen Tate posted on 2 September, 2013 - 22:44
Did not expect to see your butt on here :-) x