Kevin - Sin City





Another of my early costumes.

Sin city was a great film and with the stylised nature of the filming I wanted to try and mimic this. This meant trying to replicate the black and white nature of the film using make-up and paint.

Kevin was my chosen character, best height option plus he is cool, cannibalism aside. I used grey make-up to create the skin tone and bright white gloss paint to mimic the glasses and shirt detail.

One of the less complicated costumes I have done and it even had pockets. However, I couldn't see where I was going!


Amy-Lou posted on 6 September, 2009 - 21:43
Creepiest creeper to ever creep at a con.

Mighty Odango posted on 6 September, 2009 - 21:57
Amy-Lou, you didn't see it in person. I wouldn't kiss him in it, Kevin creeps me out too much! D:

Lunar_Kitten posted on 6 September, 2009 - 22:07
That's ... quite ... creepy.

Sephirayne posted on 26 November, 2009 - 06:00
That is awesomeally creepy.

Ranma1-2 posted on 27 March, 2010 - 00:12
Brilliant concept for your cosplay. It works pefectly. I must admit I thought the glasses were photoshopped afterwards - painting them white really is costume genius. Well done. ..even though the character creeps me out. :P

theKillingDoll posted on 14 May, 2010 - 21:38
While painting them white gave the right look I couldn't see anything out of them!