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Amecon 2010


Because the Silent isnt in the manga XP
That and sneaking into my friends CCS group by being covered head to toe in green!


Update! My goodness!

Indeed! When realising that it was in actual fact June and that meant that I only had two more months to do my cosplay in, I decided to actually kick-start myself and get going, so what have I done???

Well.... I have two green wigs (one long and one short)four meters of mint green fabric (plus one meter of a lovely green crystal voile curtesy of Vix) and a whole bunch of artificial leaves... now all I need to do is start the sewing.... any time soon... yar...



I'm actually suprised that I managed to finish this before Amecon, there was a lot of last minuet pinning and hand sewing involved in this and it took me ages to decide how I wanted things to sit and I'm still not completely satisfied with it >_<;; but oh well!

Wore this on Sunday at Ame, managed to miss the photo shoot though, which is a shame but hey we live on! No one recognised me but than again that is what you get for taking liberties with the design XP

I think I'll wear this again some time and I think it would be fun to make a clow card frame to go with it, I can test my painting skills (what little they are) to their limit!

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