Jin - Samurai Champloo


AmeCon 2007




Jin from Champloo, what else can I say? Consisted of 4 seperate simple pieces:
a) Dark blue trousers
b) White under-shirt
c) Blue kimono style shirt
d) Red waist band

Sewing was shared between me and my mum but I did about 65% of it in the end, she mostly did things like the diamond pattern.
Also got basic sandals, white socks, glasses and black hair dye/gel.

I spent about 1-2 weeks making the swords, but unfortunately ops decided they were too dangerous to carry around the con and I didnt have the confidence in my outfit to enter the masquerade >.<


Spunky posted on 21 August, 2007 - 21:08
Loved this ^^ Well done :)