Aika S. Granzchesta (Winter Uniform) - ARIA (/The ANIMATION/The NATURAL)


AmeCon 2006


My sister is just slightly obsessed with Aria, and after she cosplayed Akari I thought it would be fun to cosplay Aika ^^
I really like her character, and I'm closer to her body shape than any of the other characters, so I got working.

Although it was fun to wear, there's a few problems with the costume - I can't walk in heels very well, the cape doesn't stay where it's put, and the wig.
I hate that wig so much x_x I snapped a tendon in my wrist styling it, and then when trying it on I discovered that my head is a bit bigger than the wig head I'd had it on, and so it doesn't cover all of my hair.
I do intend wearing it again sometime, with the wig re-styled and new wefts put in to disguise the patchy back, the summer cape, and hopefully with Akari as well~

I think I'll have to wear it again anyway to get some nicer photos! XD; the ones I have don't show off the styling I did to the wig, or how nice the dress actually looks ^^;

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