Cosplayer: Timber The Table Slayer

Variant: Espada

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

KhaosKreator avatar

KhaosKreator - 24th September 2009
GO Timber! First cosplay whoooo!


Ninodog avatar

Ninodog - 24th September 2009
The lining is where it's at!!!!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 24th September 2009
OMG you lined the hakama O_O great job (Y)

Anggul avatar

Anggul - 27th May 2010
Nice, I'll look out for you, look out for a blue-armoured guy on Saturday. Not the Spartan, the Eldar XP

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 28th May 2010
awesome aizen!

Ninodog avatar

Ninodog - 28th May 2010
good going mr!

xaerael avatar

xaerael - 28th May 2010

looks good too!

kiichan avatar

kiichan - 28th May 2010
YAY! Well done Timber! I look forward to poking you mercilessly with your katana!

DarkPharaoh avatar

DarkPharaoh - 28th May 2010
You can poke him, but it will problely only be an illusion . . . so poke him hard ^_^ looks great dude

Mighty Odango avatar

Mighty Odango - 28th May 2010
Looks very neatly made for a first costume, well done sir!

KuroStylr avatar

KuroStylr - 28th May 2010
nice job dude! Looks awesome!

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 31st May 2010
F-First cosplay?? Aw man, if only my first cosplay had gone as well as even lined the hakama! Good job on this.

kiichan avatar

kiichan - 1st June 2010
Who's a sexy Timber? YOU ARE! Well done this looked awesomes!

Timber The Table Slayer avatar

Timber The Table Slayer - 1st June 2010
Thanks for the Comments, the next one on the list i hope will go as well as this one.