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From Top to Bottom:

Green medium to thin Hessian weave material for the Kokiri hat

White long-sleeve cotton shirt, altered with a white turtle neck, white bootlace linking at my adams apple and stitched faux-mail in the form of layered lace

The Green Tunic is made of the same Hessian (which is awesome material for this costume, rough and weathered as it would've been) with green bootlace secures the sides and stitching around the neck to give the { at the neck.

I bought lether boots and a handbag to cut for a pair of black and brown gauntlets, this will probably be the biggest challenge, I haven't worked with leather much before

I'm going to use leather belts and recut them for the body straps, though I'm leasving this step til I have everything else sorted.

I found a brilliant pair of white trousers in a charity shop which I've altered slightly for my measurements, the material is just perfect for that old canvas look.

I'm yet to find suitable boots, I want them to be perfect!


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Progress Journal

31st August 2009

The Gauntlets

I decided to leave the tunic for the time being, I sometimes find myself lacking drive to get things done, and by switching from section to section of the costume I can keep my lil mind engaged!

Using the charity shop leather boots, I wanted to make a proper pair of gauntlets, I cut the leg wrapping off at the ankle and cut up the side of the boot to allow me to resize it.

I used brown extra strength thread, which I'd heard was perfect for leather, to close up the open layers of leather and fabric on the inside, then re-stitched the leather together again to the size of my arms. This took a lot longer than I expected, the triple layers of material plus the leather was difficult to put even a leather needle through, but eventually I had finished.

I was thinking about using spare leather to make the gloves, but decided this would firstly take a long time and secondly might look awful, so instead I sacrificed my ex-girlfriends leather gloves (hey, she shouldn't have left them!). I cut the fingers off at the middle knuckle and stitched the wrist openning to the leather arm wraps.

I cut thin pieces of leather and stitched them tightly to use as binds, then cut into the gauntlet wrists as well as making a few holes along this cut on both sides. Using the strips I threaded the cut closed and laced the strips over.

From here I have a great strong base to add the leather straps to, as well as giving me a tangable idea of what I would need for the guard plate on the back.

29th August 2009

Link: Getting it all going!

By far my favourite character from a game, utterly immortalised in the Ocarina of Time, but marred in my oppinion by those horrible Cel animation games for the Gameboy...

Went round every charity shop in Edinburgh, and thats a lot of old books and cardingans... I wanted the costume to be perfect, nothing other than that would suffice! So, I was looking for the perfect items to use.
As you can imgaine, it didn't go *extremely* well, true I found some bits and pieces which are good. Leather boots and handbag I can strip the leather off, white trousers that can be altered and a long sleeve top.
The Edinburgh Fabrics shop was brilliant though, spent a bit more money than I would've liked but the materials were pretty much perfect. I got a few metressq of green hessian material that was the perfect shade and texture for the tunic and hat, as wll as lace I'm fairly sure I can stitch to look like chainmail that you see coming over the neckline and sleeves of the tunic.

When I had carted everything home I was already buzzing with anticipation and wanted to get started. I made a small prototype of the tunic in green cotton from a t-shirt I cannibalised, then cut the hessian into the right shape. I spend ages putting it on and re-measuring the right edges, pinning them to be recut. I stitched the neckline and shoulders.
This took quite a while as I took my time to get the right style and fall of the material so it looks exactly right, I really don't like costumes that don't look exactly how they are supposed to and so paid great attention to the detail.