Misa Amane - Death Note




Haha, Misa is one of those costumes that at least half of the female cosplaying population does at some point or another. Admittedly, it's a nice comfortable outfit; I used my own hair because I was too cheap to bother with a wig and i'm pretty sure i'd look like an idiot with blonde hair. My friend Maz was cosplaying as L, so we just flailed together for most of the weekend. It was my first time meeting him, and despite the fail of the cosplay, he's one of my best friends now and it was a great weekend so I have fond memories in this costume ^_^


Captain_Marvelous posted on 30 August, 2009 - 15:36
This is awesome! I need to crack on and re-do my ryuk ^.^ and yeah you hit the nail on the head with the sherlock holmes thing ^.^ much like the japanese our morals *in the victorian period* is what gave britan its character and the books theirs.