Alicia Florence (Summer Uniform, Prima.) - ARIA (/The ANIMATION/The NATURAL/The ORIGINATION)




I fell in love the anime and manga and as Alicia is my favourite character I decided on doing the Summer Uniform.

Once again Fyria decided to cosplay a character from the same series and she chose to do Akari, Alicia's apprentice. We worked on the costumes together so they'd match. The hardest parts were getting the dress tailored correctly (I still think at some point I need to take it in), Painting the blue pattern on by hand to make sure we got it right and the shoes.

We had to modify white padded converse style shoes, make covers for them and paint parts to get the design right. The hats were the easiest and most fun and luckily I managed to get hold of the official patches for the uniforms so it made getting those right really easy.

It was so much fun to wear this, although I had to remember to be more demure and 'My My" about everything when we did the photo shoot. The wig was fun too (lots of hair grips to keep it in place meant I wore it the entire day without any problems) and meeting up wit Spirit of the Stage for the photo shoot was cool too.

We're planning on making the winter uniforms for our characters for next year because we enjoyed these so much.


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