Zack - Final Fantasy VII ; Crisis Core


AmeCon 2007





thought id cosplay zack from ff7, because theres soo many cloud cosplayers going about ^^ n tbh zack's more awesome ^^


Adamoluna posted on 21 January, 2008 - 13:50
nicely done! I love the shoulder-protector-thingies :D overall it's a really accurate cosplay, and you look great in it too! :D

Charlie-Bear posted on 2 February, 2008 - 09:06
You make such a great Zack! X3 Your costume as Adamoluna said is very accurate and those shoulder pads look great too! Fantastic job! 8D

Odd-One-Out posted on 2 February, 2008 - 10:06
Loving the trousers - they're pretty accurate :D

Sephirayne posted on 28 February, 2009 - 01:02
Love your Zack. You've done an excellent job.

jaks-kingdom-dwarf posted on 16 June, 2009 - 00:41
this is really cool i hope mine turns out this good ^^