Costume :Peregrin Took
Variant :Hobbit attire
Source :The Lord Of The Rings
Progress :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo October 2010

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Fool of a Took!


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Costume Information

The Lord of the Rings is seriously an important series to me, it's a series I grew up with and just...loved obbsessively. I even took a course on it at uni...lmao...XD Pippin is my absolute favourite character out of the entire thing, probably due to a combination of wide eyed naivity and absolute fail (This is a v. common theme with my costume choices XD) I decided to do his traditional hobbit attire first of all...but i'd LOVE to do his Steward of Gondor/Guard of the Citadel outfit later. *_*

This was a pretty intense costume making experiance. Because I really wanted to finish this in time for expo I ended up squeezing most of the making into about 2 weeks...and as i'm not exactly the speediest seamstress that was pretty challenging!

I had a hellish time finding a wig for this. Pippin has a very awkward hair colour, so that combined with the not exactly stylish style of hobbits hair made it nigh on impossible. In the end I went for a darker shade than I wanted, and a shorter wig too...but in spite of that I'm actually quite fond of the wig. It's something I might change at a later date but for now I'm happy with it! I actually am wearing hobbit ears with this but the wig covers them up so much you can barely see them!...Doh! XD Oh and the brooch is something i've wanted for a long time, and is so gorgeous i'm tempted to wear it every day for the rest of my nerdy existence. :P

I lucked out with the material at my local market stall. Actually the material is probably my favourite part of this costume. Just VERY VERY LUCKY. XD

The cloak is made from a thin wool...but I really didn't buy enough so had to cut the pattern awkwardly which resulted in odd looking seams. It does its job but I'm all for doing that again and getting it right. XD

The coat is made from a GORGEOUS wool and I'm actually rather proud of it. XD The pattern I used was an out of print vintage one which was too perfect to pass up. I had to make some adjustments but it was pretty straightforward otherwise. ^^ I added the back and cuff details and used these quite awesome buttons for the front. XD

The breeches I was very afraid of due to never making any before, and although they were a little challenging they weren't nearly as terrifying as I thought they would be! The material was an olive corduroy which was surprisingly easy to work with. Once I added the many buttons I cut them to hobbit length and they were done! ^^ I also bought some funky braces to wear with them...due to not having enough time to make my own. ^^; But I love them so much I may just stick with them. 8D

The shirt was a total last minute exploit and made entirelly the day before expo. -_-;; It's a bit of a rush job but it actually didn't go too badly if you ignore the whole cutting a massive hole in the sleeve...*ahem*...In spite of my mad rush it's actually BARELY SEEN. D: But...oh well...XD THE PUFFY SLEEVES ARE THERE TRUST ME. I didn't even try to attempt all that embroidery on the shirt...maybe another time when I have 100+ hours to spare. XD

The scarf was knitted for me by a kindly old woman. XD It's a bit brighter and longer than Pippins but it's so warm and lovely i'm love with it. *_*

I DID bring foothair with me...but it looked so ridiculous I decided against it on the day. Maybe next time when I have more time to perfect it. ^^

I loved being a hobbit just as much as I thought I would. And because I only wore this for half a day it DEMANDS A REWEAR. Me and my Merry have plans to go exploring in the woods near her house...once she's made her watch this space! 8D


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omg this is exciting!!!

epic hobbit feet included??? xD

cannot wait to seeee

by Toshi-chan on Wednesday, 26 August, 2009 - 23:03
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I love you already... not just any hobbit you chose... you chose my fav too!!! I cannot wait to see this!!! My gosh this is making me want to modify my current hobbit costume to one of the named characters, XD XD

by electricdino on Wednesday, 26 August, 2009 - 23:28
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OMG I wanna do Merry!!! 8D You live near me dont you? Berkshirey area??

by stripey_dani on Wednesday, 26 August, 2009 - 23:34
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Love that your doing a LOTR costume. I'm such a huge LOTR fan. This is really making me want to wear my legolas again.

by Sephirayne on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 00:01
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Yay! More LOTR costumes! And Pippin is awesome. Good luck! I can't wait to see it.

by Purplefluffychainsaw on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 10:18
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Thanks guys! I'm so excited about this one! XD

Toshi-Chan - I'm kinda unsure about feet right now, but i'm swaying towards just using my own (they er...they're kinda big for my height anyway XP)...but I assure you there will be hairy feet. Oh yes. XD

Sensitive-inferno - O.O Doooo it! Would be great to get more hobbits! Hobbit invasion! XD Also i'd love to see pics of your current hobbit as well!

by MoonLily on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 12:14
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I wanna do a LotR costume too! That'd be so epic! TenTen, lets do it! Can I be Gandalf? I don't think I could pull off a hobbit. :P

by Telly on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 13:17
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Hobbit Invasion would be fricking awesome!! XD XD I need to get some new pics of my current hobbit actually... now that I have the right length hair to actually pull it off better, XD XD

Oooo... if Telly does Gandalf, and I modify my hobbit so it's Frodo (I have dark hair) and get a Sam and Merry we could have a mini group going here... We could attempt to get a Fellowship group!!

by electricdino on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 14:13
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A Gandalf? For real? A fellowship group? My dreeeeeams. *_* Would be awesome if we could pull it off, guys! 8D *Bounce bounce.*

by MoonLily on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 15:09
Avatar Image

Yep Egham is right next to Berkshire, plus I know Steph and Raven so could easily come to Egham without being lost xD

ITS A DEAL! *goes to add Merry to her cosplay list*

by stripey_dani on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 16:00
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I really do think we should do a Fellowship group... seems we already have three out of four hobbits already and Gandalf... should we post a thread in the forum to see if anyone wants to join us in our Lord of the Rings squeefest group? XD XD

by electricdino on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 16:42
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In my years of LOTR cosplaying I have never managed a LOTR full fellowship group. We've always been a couple short (usually either Aragorn or Boromir). It would be so ace to finally manage it.

Depending when you do this I'll offer up my legolas as part of it.

by Sephirayne on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 19:09
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omg i would kill to be Boromir in a fellowship group......i'm not even going to be in the UK let alone nearby to you all to join in though for the next 6 months ='[

still i will eagerly await pics of any LOTR group that does form it will just look so friggin awesome

and yay!!!! hobbit feet make me happy lmao xD

by Toshi-chan on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 19:53
Avatar Image

OMG Id love to do Boromir. Hes actually a dream cosplay of mine xD
5'11 might make me too tall to be Merry in an actual group though xD

by stripey_dani on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 20:16
Avatar Image

Toshi-chan - The group is probably not going to be happening until oct expo next year at the earliest so there's still a chance for you to join if you can make it there!

Stripey_dani - Oooookay. XD Lol well you do who ever you prefer, it's you making the costume after all! Errr...You could crouch? XP Let me know though so I can edit group detaaaaaaails ~

Also if you both wanna be of you could maybe make my day and do Faramir instead...? *loooooves him* 8D

by MoonLily on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 20:30
Avatar Image

OMG Faramir... I would die if someone did Faramir... like seriously... *spazzes*

by electricdino on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 20:38
Avatar Image


No joke Faramir is my favourite character from the series!....even if he's not strictly fellowship i would completely love to do him if Stripey-Dani would like to be Boromir =]

and yay I'll be back in the UK by next october so yes group sounds awesome xD

by Toshi-chan on Thursday, 27 August, 2009 - 22:16
Avatar Image

THATD BE AWESOME! "Remember this day little brother, today, Life is good!" xD

Ill still make a Merry MoonLily, Ill come to Egham and we can frolick in the woods xD

by stripey_dani on Friday, 28 August, 2009 - 01:05
Avatar Image

Awesomes! So i'll put you down as Boromir for the group and Merry for random fun? ^_^

by MoonLily on Friday, 28 August, 2009 - 01:12
Avatar Image

Can I still do Gandalf?? I've always wanted to be a bearded old man. I' so doing the white version. He's way cooler.

I've always wanted a goldfish, just so that I could name him Gandalf Gold.

by Telly on Friday, 28 August, 2009 - 14:36
Avatar Image

Of course! As long as you dont scold me too much. There's only so many times you can hear 'Fool of a took!' ;_;

by MoonLily on Friday, 28 August, 2009 - 15:32
Avatar Image

Im a mega fan of LOTR *my dads fault, instead of bedtime stories we got the middle-E* I think this will suit you a lot *looking at your pics that is* I cant wait to see it ^^ *ps thanks for the Steiner comment*

by Captain_Marvelous on Sunday, 13 September, 2009 - 18:10
Avatar Image

I think the wig looks great hun! This is looking great so far ^w^

by Littlegeeky on Tuesday, 14 September, 2010 - 15:35
Avatar Image


by kiichan on Tuesday, 14 September, 2010 - 18:56
Avatar Image

So loving the wig test. Your going to be spot on awesome.

by Sephirayne on Tuesday, 14 September, 2010 - 19:03
Avatar Image

Aaaah I'm so jealous that you managed to find such a good wig! And you've got a good start going, you'll get there!

by Purplefluffychainsaw on Monday, 4 October, 2010 - 03:27
Avatar Image

Yay!!! you were such a good Pippin ^.^ was awesome to find you at Expo :)
even though we missed you very much at the meet.....

Where would I have been without Pippin to comfort me coz "Daddy doesn't love me.."

by Toshi-chan on Monday, 1 November, 2010 - 12:39
Avatar Image

You were so fricken adorable! Awesome cosplay.
I'll try to get the photos up soon ^^

by eternal_aranel on Monday, 1 November, 2010 - 16:46
Avatar Image

Great meeting you on Saturday! You were incredibly cute ;)

by Hawkeye on Wednesday, 3 November, 2010 - 19:05
Avatar Image

Such a brilliant Pippin. You look so spot on. Love the photos.

by Sephirayne on Wednesday, 19 January, 2011 - 02:39

To-Do List

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Breeches (Posted 23rd October 2010)

I kinda gave up in my mind that this'll be done for expo. But today was suddenly like....NO. NO THIS WILL BE DONE.

So I made these today. XP Never made breeches before so it was much guesswork and stuff but I'm actually pretty pleased with how they came out...the photo is pretty me they're better in person. :P

Now just have to mod suspenders, make shirt and sort out that pesky hobbit hair! XD

Progress 1. (Posted 6th October 2010)

My god that's not a very helpful picture is it...sorry...uni house...crap for mirrors except bathroom. ^^;

Anyway general progress. Cloak is now done...not 100% happy because I had a lack of material so had to weirdly cut the pattern in a way I didn't want to for it all to fit on...hence the odd seams...but oh well it's a cloak it'll do for now.

The Coat is very much in you can sleeves or buttons. :P It's a wonderful material to work with though! *_*

And the scarf i'm really happy with, It was hand sewn for me by a kind old lady and is way better than what I was expecting even if the colours are a bit brighter...actually all my colours are a bit brighter. I'm like anime Pippin or something. O.o

I now have slightly more hope this'll be done for expo.

Rest of coat, breeches, suspenders and shirt to gooo... o.o

Fabric gets (Posted 2nd September 2010)

Went into town today with low expectations as I wanted pretty exact stuff, but I was pleasently surprised by what I found!

The Green for the jacket is a really lovely wool but isn't too thick so I won't die of heat (and the colour is spot on!) I also found the thinner wool for the fellowship coat which was also the exact kind of olivey colour I wanted and I also found some nice linen for the shirt as well. ^^ I looked for corduroy for the trousers but couldn't find any in olive so i'll have to go online for that. Overall I'm stupidly pleased! I just hope I bought enough! (It WASN'T cheap! XD)

The Journey Begins (Posted 18th August 2010)

I already know this costume will be like no other I have made. o.o;;

The alleyscratch website helped me alot with planning, but I spent hours trawling the internet the past few days. ^^;

I've now ordered all the patterns I need (I think) I ended up being so picky so alot of them are vintage, out of print patterns that cost me way too much. >_>;;

I also have my eye on a wig. It's not exactly perfect but I think is by far the best choice as the others were either way too poofy in the crown of the head, or VERY expensive. -_-;;

I've also ordered The fellowship brooch (which i'm probably going to wear every single day of my life :P) and the ear caps (which I probably won't.) :P

Next up is to go hunting for materials. I'll be needing wool, corduroy, some nice linen and...yeah...I have a feeling it's going to be pricey! ^^;