Sunako (First Episode) - Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge - The Wallflower


AmeCon 2007




Sunako in this outfit is just great. I love her character and I love the awfulness of her skirt. And this costume was my experiment - given that I had to make a skirt from scratch, which also needed a zip.

The shoes and wig were easy, it was the top that gave me the most problems. She wears a large white sweatshirt, but I could not find one for love or money. They all had logo's, images, colours...I could find nothing.

However, we were having gloriously warm weather, and I thought that a sweatshirt might be too much, so I managed to find a very oversized white top that would do the job instead.

The skirt had two versions, the first was scrapped when I made a stupid mistake and it was too small. The second version had a rather lopsided hem and wasn't perfect up top. There was also a huge hole underneath the zipper hidden by the top. The fabric paint also ruined a towel, but looked great once try.

Now the amoeba's. I first tried to make them out of normal fabric, but the first one I made looked awful, and I realised it wasn't going to improve. So instead I spent more money on felt squares and cut out the shapes from them. It was a tremendous improvement...until I tried to stitch them on and the fabric fought me. So some are stitched on, some are glued on, and some are held on with safety pins as a growing testament to my stress levels at the time.

Ironically, for the amount of work that went into this costume, I only wore it for a few hours. After two days of lugging around a video camera and being in costumes that didn't really breathe, I was just too tired to be wearing another outfit that didn't do well in heat, and switched to normal clothes. Even when it made an appearance of the Cosplay Meet the month after, it still remains the only cosplay of mine that has no photos.


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