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FuyuCon 2009


For the Winter Ball at Fuyucon.

I wanted something practical that I can dance in as after two giant ball gowns in a row, I really needed a break from them. Haine has a lot of pretty outfits, and I decided to go for this one because it looked interesting and due to the lack of full body shot - the dress was up to my interpretation. At first, I was a bit iffy on the colour scheme, but after analysing the colour I decided to go for a nice brown colour.

75cm brown satin - £6.74
3m gold ribbon - £1.77
20cm long white fur - £2.14
1m black lace - £2.98 (I think???? Need to check)

How it's made:
Really, it was just one big rectangle of fabric which was pleated at the top and then sewn onto the black polycotton lining and sewn on to fit my under my bust. This is how I got the seamless look at the bottom. The black lace was then sewn on and the white fur was sewn along the top to hide the pleats. There's a zipper at the back.

Ribbon is just tied under my bust and around my neck.

Gloves I already had, wig I already had and styled.

Roses and necklace... I haven't made it xD
I don't know if I can be bothered to, I've taken into account how long it may take to make and added it onto the "Time taken" section so this description will be updated if I actually feel like making/buying them lolol.

FrankieEstee posted on 5 September, 2009 - 05:05
It's looking great so far~ I can't wait to see the dress done 8DDD <33

Salanica posted on 12 September, 2009 - 22:47
Ahh, this manga, it's so random, that I can't help but like it xD I'm sure it'll look good once it's done ^o^

Dusttee posted on 26 October, 2009 - 18:58
you look so cute >W<

Captain_Marvelous posted on 27 October, 2009 - 09:42
Me and my gf thought you looked awesome!

Freyarule posted on 6 November, 2009 - 10:31
Nyaah! It's so cute :3 glad that material you got works so well!

Buy fabric
Make dress
Make roses
Sew lace
Sew fur
Make necklace
Make hair clip
0.25m red taffeta
0.25m purple synthetic silk

Total cost: £0.00

10th April 2012


Waheeeey, I'm doing more on this cosplay! 3 years later... I really can't be arsed to make the necklace though so this costume is still postponed til a later date, wahey! But roses are done, I had practise from making a few flowers for Sheryl Nome so just had to alter the technique a bit to make them rose like. Decided to experiment with different types of fabric, I knew synthetic silk would be a dream to melt which are the purple roses and the red is taffeta as it was the only fabric in that colour. I swear it gives off toxic fumes when melted but when actually putting together the flower it works like a dream because it's a lovely stiff fabric XD;;; Really does not make my room smell nice, the silks and satins I've tried don't give off any smell at all! Need to fish around for some black netting and somehow find bits and bobs around the house to make imitation feathers. Because I couldn't find any in the fabric shop that were suitable and I'm not so fussed that I want to bother searching online for them. Time Taken: 30mins Sorry for the crappy phone photo!

20th September 2009


I FOUND MAH GLOVES! WINNNNNNN College seems to be preventing me from venturing into town at the moment, therefore I cannot buy any roses. (Although I do have some red roses and some fabric... I could hand-make them. But I won't because I'm lazy and a cheat like that |D) Though with the dress all made in a couple of hours I'm starting to lose the will to collect materials for the accessories ORZ. The sewing bit was fun, the nitty gritty details is not so fun ;_____; Alas, it would drive me up the wall if it was inaccurate for it is such a simplistic design... Useless journal was useless |D (One glove was in my box full of crafts, I knew that one was there. The other one was in my drawer full off old stuff. In case you were wondering x'D)

5th September 2009

05/09/2009 - Dress finished!

EDIT: I've found ONE glove. Bloody typical that is - now that's just plain annoying >_>;; Wheeee, I'm really proud of this dress! It's my best made costume (because it's so easy lolol) and I really want to wear this more often! But PAAAAH, I've searched high and low for my gloves and can't find them. If I have to buy a new pair I won't be amused... they'll crop up eventually though. I hope. It's lined with black polycotton I found in my fabric bin and it's so much nicer now that it's lined. Plus I didn't have to hem it, SCORE! (I'd line things more often but I'm lazy lolol) I used thick black elastic at the top which was covered with white fur to keep it up. The lace was just sewn on as it is, it's pleated/gathered a bit for a better fit. Ribbon was just tied around. I sewed on a piece of ribbon for the straps, the second black bit is my bra turned into a halter-neck - because I like to cheat like that 8D; Time Taken - 2-3hrs Cost - 20cm long white fur £2.14 (I think???) 1m black lace £2.98 Unfortunately it's still held up with a safety pin at the back... I kinda forgot to buy myself a zip 8D;;

4th September 2009

04/09/2009 - It's a start

Felt like working on some cosplay after a tiring day of guitar playing. Seeing as I recently bought some fabric for Haine I just HAD to work on it straight away. I have to say I love it! Although it's a bit static so it clings to my legs every now and then, if I have enough money/time then I'll probably line it to prevent this. But it's very easy to move around in and very quick to do! I pleated the top to try and get the same look the dress has, however I'm thinking of switching to elastic so that it stays up better. Will buy some tomorrow : D Also needs hemming at the bottom and that's the base done! Yay ^_^ Time Taken - 30mins roughly Fear mah dancer's calves, orz.

3rd September 2009

3/09/09 - Fabric!

It's a start, I've bought the fabric for the dress : D Well not all of it, I completely forgot about the fur (I knew I had to buy something from the top floor of the fabric shop, I just couldn't get my mind around it though! Grrrr). But I have everything else x'D The fabric I chose is not accurate at all, but it's still really nice! The ribbon isn't accurate either, but again, it's nice : D Writing up journal now before I forget the prices (i.e. lose the receipt loool). Depending on my mood I may start tonight when I get home! *At my shop* Cost: 75cm brown fabric - £6.74 3m gold ribbon (totally do not need this much xD) - £1.77 Lace - already had it! May need to buy more but hopefully my scraps bin has enough loool The black thing on her shoulder... I'll just pretend it's a black bra strap heh xD;

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