Ming Chao - Et Cetera


AmeCon 2006


Et Cetera is SUCH an underated series. Really, its got a spunky Chinese Cowgirl, a strange but fascinating priest who uses knives, a tall gun toting psycho woman, and the only young man in the world who can pull off wearing a monocle. Plus a gun that shoots the animals of the zodiac and a gun that does starsigns.

Anyway, I had to do Ming Chao, and the cheongsam was fairly easy to make, as well as the eto gun (although the paint job was flaking even at the beginning of the convention). The biggest issue was the weather. It was FREEZING and this outfit did not keep out the chill.

Another downer was that only one person recognised me. And it took me sitting next to him in the art room for almost fifteen minutes before he could place costume to character.

Oh, and I got my hair cut for Haruhi, so the hair that was perfect for her bunches was too short. A problem that was eventually remedied when I wore it at a Tokyopop event the next year.

Juncetera posted on 12 December, 2007 - 02:41
I remember how you got introduced as "a faggot from the Wild West" at the Amecon Masquerade due to Babelfish. Oh how I lawled. Knowing the character, I thought it was a good costume and your Eto Gun looked great. I don't blame people for not recognising you though.

yami-no-neko posted on 12 December, 2007 - 20:32
I remeber seing you at Amecon, but I didn't get a chance to get your photo XD Awesome cosplay from a really underated Manga. I was thinking about cosplaying her before but I thought I was the only fan XP hopefully more people will cosplay form etcetra in the future. Well done

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