Sheena Fujibayashi - Tales of Symphonia


AyaCon 2005




My first cosplay, oh how I miss thee.

This was the first cosplay I ever had, and remains, to this day, the most comfortable. And even though my mother was running the show with making it, I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I'm usually a perfectionist with things, but Sheena taught me if you're going to get anything done, you have to compromise.

For one thing, we never found the right fabric shade, but we did find a top that was almost identical a little darker. The fact that nobody noticed made me happy to compromise with Haruhi the next year.

The hair however, was a nightmare. I'd never had to style a wig before so I had no clue what I was doing when we started hacking away at it. Eventually, I realised I either had to start getting commissioned wigs, or start using my own hair. Given the time, and the length of my hair, I chose natural, and a can of coloured hair spray actually did the trick in making my hair less brown and more purple (which I will still defend IS her hair colour...or navy...)

My favourite part is the boots. I was using costumes on cosplaylab as a guide to see how to make certain parts, and I couldn't find one costume where the boots were tight. They were all similar to leg warmers. I am so happy with how mine turned out.

Sadly, the outfit was retired when the soles of said boots finally gave out and they had to be thrown away. Plus I did start to get a little nervous about how much cleavage I was showing. My bra kept bursting from the top ^_^;


Mungojerrie posted on 12 December, 2007 - 22:50
Omg, it's so awesome to see other Sheena cosplayers xD Your Sheena cosplay is awesome, I'm so jealous you got to find a Zelos!

Captain_Marvelous posted on 15 March, 2009 - 13:41
wow this is really cool sheena is one of my faves ^.^ i really wanna cosplay kratos DEMON FANG!!!