UBCS Unique (Version A) - Resident Evil series





A quick, cheap costume I assembled a while ago.
The tectical vest is the same one I used for my CVX Chris, the UBCS shirt is the one I made for my Resident Evil collection, and the trousers are my Bolt combats XD
Pretty rushed and still needing to be fully finished, I gotta get a hold of a black flight suit and more Umbrella patches before I can happily say this costume is 'Finished'


Ragepotato posted on 24 August, 2009 - 15:10
Looking awesome! ^^ Will you be wearing this to expo in October? -Phi

RisingPheonix posted on 24 August, 2009 - 16:56
Nah, bringing out my STARS unique for that instead =P Just gotta fix my shirt and get my knee pads and then shots shall be going online XD