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KitaCon 2010




What better excuse to wear crazy clashing colours and fabrics than a Jojo group? XD Being done with hitachiin as Gyro and Taruto as Jolyne for London Expo.

EDIT [01-12-09]: lol wat? Expo, Fuyu, Kita....this will be done eventually XD With more stars than you can shake a leg at!


Yamakuzy posted on 9 February, 2011 - 17:00
May be doing either Jotaro or Dio in May! (yet to be decided if and which one i'll do though)

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Progress Journal

7th February 2010

Show me your teeth

Johnny obviously makes the superior Scarey Monster. Anyway, my dinosaur face aside...hoodie now complete!

Although please to be ignoring my distinctly unfabulous lack of eye make-up and grey sweatpants, yeah...real jojo-tastic there..hurr

Getting references for this top gave me no end of grief, those stripes move around more than Johnny himself, I'm sure. In the end I gave up and just went with what I felt showed up most frequently and moreso what pattern I liked best.

Although cutting and pinning the strips of blue almost sent me crazy I'm really pleased how this came out for something I made entirely myself =D (well, I had a little help on sewing on the sleeve stripes, I'm not that good yet, those sleeve holes are too small for me to work with just yet...haha...)

Next up are the arm warmers!
Or maybe that horseshoe...I should really stop procrastinating on that horseshoe...

2nd December 2009

Heeeerrrees Johnny!

Well, sort of. The hat was done quite awhile back yet I never posted up any progress of it...despite how I messed up the first attempt I'm really happy how hat version 2 came out =D although I still had to get hitachiin to zigzag on the horse on for me (which isn't actually backwards, just some of these are mirror shots). It was actually sewn on using steel balls, true fact.

I still need to sort out the horseshoe though. I thankfully happened upon some bag handles which are horseshoe shaped so I'm planning on painting one of those and fixing that on somehow...the somehow hasn't been decided yet but will probably end up being fabritac, knowing me.

Next up will likely be sorting out his shoes/shoepants or hoodie top.