Euphemia Li Britannia (Civilian Dress) - Code Geass-Rebellion of Lelouch





Euphemia in Civilian Dress ^^

simply work and look sweet ^^ more cheaper than the princess version hehehe lol~ and I don't find any trial error when I made this costume

we already done this photoshoot XD XD, thanks to Youna for being my partner & Ran for taking all the picture....*exciting moment XD

Just enjoy the photos ^_^


Euphemia Li Britannia : Usagi-Chiba (Myself)

Suzaku Kururugi : Youna Amakura

Euphemia's casual dress by : Usagi-Chiba

Suzaku's costume : Youna

Make-up : ourself ^_~

Photographer : Ran-Hara & Sugwan

NB : after waiting for almost two years, now I have my own "Suzaku" lol~


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