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My first ever proper cosplay!! However I decided to remake it because the first time I wore this was with clothes I had in my wardrobe... And it wasn't accurate in the slightest. Now that I have more experience I know I can make it from scratch. There's a Gundam Wing group for London May Expo 2010 apparently and was asked to be Duo, so naturally I said yes! Chance to cosplay my favourite character from an amazing series? Yes please!

51" Long brown wig - £22
2.5m Black cotton drill - £8.25
18" Jacket zip - £1-2 approx
Black trouser zip - £1-2 approx
Black cap - £3.50

Top was made to fit slightly baggy with a mandarin type collar with white cotton sewn onto it to show slightly - it holds together at the front with poppers. The jacket has a jacket zip at the front sewn on with a panel flap... thing... sewn over the top. White sleeves are tacked on.

Trousers are your normal baggy trousers and then sewn to fit below my knees. This was all guesswork!

Boots were from Shoe Zone, I can't remember how much they cost anymore though.

Cap is from eBay.

Wig is from a seller called "Wig Glamour" on eBay. It was a real pain to style, I originally wanted to do a french plait style which would be accurate however it just turned into one giant messy knot. So I had to spend ages detangling it and then I could put it into a normal plait. It's not accurate... But then I remembered I have the hat covering my head anyway!

Scythe was my first ever prop! I used a Halloween scythe as a base then got come cardboard to cover over it and painted it... I don't think it was half bad for my first try, I could do better now and make it longer but I'm really not fussed about a prop for Duo! I'd rather have a gun to pose with LOL XD;

Overall, this is a really comfy costume to wear!

Anonymous posted on 20 December, 2007 - 21:44
Woohoo!!! Nice job on the scythe! XD How did you make it???

CrystalNeko posted on 22 December, 2007 - 14:00
Thank yee xD... I kinda cheated a little as I had no idea about what to use as I was a complete cosplay n00b D8... But the scythe was basically cardboard paper mached onto a halloween type scythe the painted with acrylic and poster paint xD; I'll probably revamp the costume because Duo is just too awesome xP... I kinda failed with the poofy trousers xD;

Odd-One-Out posted on 27 February, 2008 - 19:00
Revamp this and wear it with PRIDE!

Anonymous posted on 3 June, 2009 - 22:10
(Thank you so much for your lovely comment! It means a lot!) Duo Maxwell? One of my favourite characters! I would love to see this in person one day. 8D

Charles Sauvage posted on 19 January, 2010 - 19:58
Yaaaay your remaking him 8D I love the hat its so cuute~<3 I might steal it : D

Buy/Style Wig
Remake costume
Buy hat

Total cost: £0.00

25th March 2010

25/03/2010 - 95% Complete!

Boomchakalaka! Costume is done! Well almost... Need to do some final tacking, sew some poppers on and voila! So exciteeeed~! It's pretty comfy too. The top was made purposely big for the baggy look, I'm not actually wearing a turtleneck underneath, it's just random white fabric sewn on - because I think it makes the sleeves look better! There is a zip in the middle with a fabric panel to hide the zip, which I'm pretty sure is accurate compared to the reference pictures! The white collar does up using a popper... Which I need to sew on 8D;; That's why it looks really wide on the collar area. And I need to tack the white sleeves on because in the photo I just slipped them on! Costs: 1m black cotton drill £3 18" zip £1.50-2 (approx, I bought this ages ago!) Time Taken: 1.5hr Will take a picture of the full costume on once all the little details are complete and fringe on the wig is cut! But for now, I shall update this costume to complete :P

23rd March 2010

23/03/2010 - Wiiiig

I no longer give a damn about the accuracy of this wig. I tried to go for 100% accuracy and attempted to do a french plait, however the wig soon became unmanageable and turned into one knotty horror and the majority of my styling time went into detangling it =_____=;;; So it's just your normal plait now ROFL. I hate long wigs so much... It was so lovely and silky, now it's all horrible and knotty ;___; I'm so glad real hair doesn't do that LOL, my real hair would be a nightmare otherwise! XD Costs: £22 Time Taken: 1hr Random note: When unstyled this wig goes down to my kneeees! 8D Random note 2: Pictures will be shown once I find time to cut the fringe, probably next week once I have more time to myself!

20th March 2010

20/03/2010 - Trousers!

Yeah man! I'm actually doing something with this costume, started with the trousers because... Well I dunno, they're funky trousers man! They're made from cotton drill and complete guesswork. They're not 100% accurate but I did the best I could xD; All I can say is that they are TIGHT around the calf area (this is accurate though lolol) and that crotch flap is annoying LOL. I know I need to make a waistband... I'm just ridiculously lazy xD; (MAKING TROUSERS IS TORTURE I TELL YOU! THE ALLITERATION PROVES IT!) Overall I'm happy with my trousers, they make me feel hardcore lolol |D Top half is for picture purposes only, I will be making the top from scratch when I stop being a lazy bum! (It's pretty damn obvious they're different shades of black...) Time Taken: 1hr Costs: 1.5m cotton drill £5.25; Trouser zip £1-2?? (I bought this ages ago xD; ) Random note: This outfit is so unflattering on me lolol.

19th January 2010

19/01/2009 - Duo has styleeee~

I love this hat, it has cute buttons <3333 (Manly right?) Wasn't originally going to buy the hat but out of curiosity I attempted to eBay it anyway (Actually Special-Pleb did, I am useless with fashion so she helped find it for me : D) and when I saw just how cheap it was I had to get it! Plus it's cuteee D: Doubt it'll fit my head with the wig on though, I shall be playing balancing games with this hat at Expo! Costs: £3.50

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