Ledda Head - Original Steampunk





I've been wanting to do a Steampunk idea for almost two years now. Originally was going to do it for Minamicon 15, but time and money got in the way. Next year however, I might actually be able to pull it off.

Ledda Head is the focus of my (currently unnamed) steampunk novel idea. She's the leader of a rebel force that works under the city of Theropoly. She gained the name due to the amount of leather and wire straps she wears in her hair, and her tone of speech which results in her pronouncing 'th' as 'deh.' An absolute egoist and manipulator, and has an obsession with butterflies.

She came into being when I found a wig on ebay, which is where the entire idea spawned from. I need to find a lot of fabric with butterflies however, and maybe get a custom corset. She'll be a lot of fun if I can actually get her done though.


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