Orochimaru - Naruto


Alcon 2008




I made this one because I felt that the character was under-cosplayed, and I thought it might be a challenge for teh my first cosplay.

I think the hardest part to make, in terms of time taken and remakes was the tabard, even though I hand drew a pattern and took measurements, it was still a difficult thing to make, but then, the purple rope belt was quite difficult to make, although that was probably more annoying to make than difficult.

When I wore it at the con, it was quite a tight fit, even though I had done several remakes of the tabard, it was still quite tight, but I had fortunately managed to find a way to getting it on and off, lol, the rope belt was actually quite awkward to put on, I think I could've benefited from an extra pair of hands when putting that thing on.

but, for my first cosplay, I think it's very good, and I have also received good comments about it from other cosplayers.


Update - 01/09/09

well, I managed to find a photo of me in this, and it was quite a lucky find, I had a strange urge to look at all the profile pics that I've used on facebook, and there it was... XD the quality's kinda bad though... it was taken on a phone >_>



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