Benawi - Utawarerumono




This man is awesome, 'nuff said XD that's my reason for cosplaying him, right there. I suppose the part I found the easiest to make were the gauntlets and Greaves, Wonderflex is freaking awesome... it'd be even more awesome if it weren't so damned expensive >_>

the hard part, was well, pretty much all the fabric parts... well, the gloves weren't so much hard as fiddly and annoying >_< I think I spent the most amount of time making the cape, that thing took a long time, but, I wasn't using a sewing machine at that point, so that's probably why XP


Update - 01/09/09

I've added 3 new photos from the photoshoot that took place on the Friday ^_^



Ransi posted on 17 August, 2009 - 21:39
it may look like there's a lot to do in the "To-Do List", and you might find yourself thinking that it's not finished, well, I will say that I was recognised as Benawi in the cosplay ^_^

To-Do List

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