Suzaku Kururugi (Knight of Seven) - Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2


White suit jacket with a turtleneck shirt underneath, black gloves and boots and a blue cape.

I picked this outfit because I really love Code Geass and not as many people cosplay Suzaku. While I like Lelouch more, I really love Suzaku too so I wanted to aim to make all his costumes if possible.

This was the hardest cosplay I made and it needs to be redone, especially the cape. It went horribly wrong but I took it to Aya Revolution with me anyway. I'm aiming to redo it for Ame 2010 if possible.

I've learnt quite a lot from this and that I shouldn't work last minute. Also that I prefer fabric painting than appliquing it and that satin is not fun to work with. The cape is definately the hardest thing I done. The wig would be next, I didn't style it very well so it just turned straight when I wore it, not really curly enough for suzaku. Perhaps I should use a different wig next time.

Overall it was comfy when wearing it so it was good, quite practical till the cape gets stuck half way down the stairs.

Definately going to be working on this outfit.

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