Maya Fey - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney


Kitacon 2009




My friend and i wanted to do some cosplaying together at Kitacon and we both loved the Phoenix Wright Games so decided to do the Fey sisters.

The hardest part was trying to get the wig to do what i wanted it to. It's really long and i didn't have time to prperly style it at Kitacon so when i re-wore it at the London Expo I tried really hard to get it looking good. Unfortunately my Magatama's chord snapped in the toilets while i was getting changed at Expo sending the beads skidding all over the floor so i couldn't wear it -_-. Bad times.
I made the Kimono a little too short and couldn't bend over all day either so that was a bit of a pain.
From this i learnt to constantly check the length of my outfits as i'm pinning them together :S

The easiest part was probably making the Magatama, for such a simple looking cosplay Maya's outfit is actually a real toughie.
It was good fun wearing it the Phoenix Wright group were all so fun and friendly and our face off with Team Rocket had me in stitches.


soph24 posted on 25 September, 2009 - 18:14
I saw you at Kitacon and you really did a great job portraying Maya X3

Defrain posted on 22 July, 2010 - 15:28
lol have to get you to do this again when I do Phoenix