L - Death Note




This was my first Cosplay so I wanted something easy to do but looked pretty good. Seeing as my friend was already going as Misa-chan and we wanted to go as a pair I decided that L would be the easiest and most obvious choice! I already had the jeans, which I borrowed off my mum so they would be baggy and big for me - they did keep trying to fall down though which was a little embarrassing!

The hardest part was surprisingly, trying to find a plain white shirt that was baggy enough for the outfit! (Also back then I didn't know how to make myself flat, so if it was going to be baggy it needed to be baggy enough to make it look like I had at least less of a chest than I did!). I think we eventually managed to find a bloke's shirt in H&M in London somewhere the day before the Con. Thank goodness I did because it looked so much better than the one I was going to wear!

My friend Ellie who went as Misa-Misa already had a black wig and basically turned it into a dead cat for me (Yay! Dead Cat Wig!). Other than that it was a really easy outfit, also I got to take my shoes off in the convention centre - the people working there thought I was mad while other Con-goers were saying I was 'hardcore' - it was so much fun! I recommend taking your shoes off next time you cosplay!


Mimi8D posted on 11 March, 2008 - 23:20
cool liking ur L pose, thanx for the comment btw :D hehehehe i went to the mcm as L, my first ever cosplay. It was funny i spent ages with my friend styling the wig with manga gum lol got the stuff everywhere >.< I really want to go to the con in may, but coz im in my last yr of uni and its real close to the show i sadly cant make it T_T Are you going?

Anime_Angel posted on 18 April, 2008 - 17:14
Thanks, I hope I'll get the wig looking better though, I just want the pigtails like on the anime^_^ like your L cosplay here^_^ looks cool^_^

kimpey posted on 17 May, 2008 - 17:30
i hugged you before i knew you lol

Sephirayne posted on 29 June, 2009 - 01:04
Aww. such a cute L you make *hugs*