I.M. Meen - I.M. MEEN (DOS Game)





I.M. Meen. Recently rediscovered as a Youtube Poop source, this character originated from a bizarre computer game where he captures children and traps them in a labyrinth contained in a magic book (there's something not right about that...). Why does he capture them? Because they spend their time studying: his one pet peeve. The game involves a child attempting to escape the labyrinth with the help of Meen's assistant, who has turned traitor. Unfortunately, it's an educational game, and to progress through the game you need to solve puzzles involving punctuation and spelling. The cutscenes are the only truly memorable part of the game, being made by the same people who did the CD-i Zelda cutscenes (Mah boi).

Enough about where Mr Meen came from. I'll update this section when the time is right.


Cobra_Roll posted on 17 August, 2009 - 13:28
0_0 You cant seriously be thinking of doing THE I.M Meen are you? Once you know of him... you cannot un-know of him! Awesome choice of Cosplay :D