Aoyagi Ritsuka (Overalls (artwork)) - Loveless


AmeCon 2007




After making the green and black version of Ritsuka, and realising how HOT it was, I decided that if I was going to join Sian and Raine in the Loveless cosplay, I should make a cooler version of Ritsuka to wear.

After sifting through some of the artbook illustrations, I found a cute outfit that I basically had in my cupboard. I made a few alterations for accuracy's sake and then wore it to the Cosplay Scotland July 07 meet-up.

For Amecon, I dyed the overalls to be a bit darker/turqoise, I added studs to the belt and painted the buckle to how it is in the artwork, I got a new wig and I changed the position of my tail (which isn't really noticable except from behind).

By the way- I haven't seen ANY of the Amecon photos of this costume... PLEASE send them to me if you have them!

A big thank you goes to Redkun of CosplaySnap who took all these photos at the CS July 07 meet. ^^


HelloKitty posted on 15 February, 2008 - 22:53
love the kitty ears they suit you sooo much! also just looked thru the pics of your costumes, it soo cute, almost like watcking u get older, (love it, keep it up)

Yuka posted on 17 February, 2008 - 18:37
You're actually right about me getting older, because I uploaded my costumes in chronological order of when I made and wore them. Thanks for the lovely comment! ^_^

Wildeth posted on 2 March, 2009 - 07:15
Cute! ^_^