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Claire Redfield is a sweet collage girl and loves to ride motorcycles,she went to Raccoon City to find her 'missing' older brother Chris Redfield who works for S.T.A.R.S. Little did she know she was about to face a living nightmare. In this city there were zombies,lickers and other dangerous creatures. She trys to escape with Leon S. Kennedy a Raccoon City polic officer and this was his first day on the job and a little girl named Sherry Birklin. 3 months after this event she went to Paris Faclity to find her brother and as captured and was sent to Rockford Island (i am sorry I think,argh) and meet Steve Burnside. Later, Steve 'dies' and Claire's older borther Chris recuses her...

Claire Redfield is my favoutrite Resident Evil charcter so I am planning to make a cosplay costume off her but need to think of the vest part. Need Help!!


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17th August 2009


I won't be able to post some pics of my costume in prosess just yet, my camara cord thing is broken. And it won't let me post pics of Claire Redfield, also...I HATE MY COMPUTER! Anyhoo...I just found an old denim vest in my closet that I haven't worn in years and it fits perfectly just need to make it shorter and maybe dye blood red if I can. The only problem is that there is no collar on the vest so I will have to do some sowing and get better buttons I know a guy who can help me get the symbol and quote on the back of the vest.